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Over the last 20 years, myofunctional research has developed orthodontic appliances to improve the dental and facial development of children from 5-15 years of age, using myobrace instead of traditional orthodontics. This technique not only straightens teeth (often without braces) but also treats the causes of crooked teeth and incorrect jaw development. Myobrace helps to prevent the need for more invasive orthodontic treatment by addressing problems early on.

Benefits of Myobrace:

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • May possibly eliminate the need for traditional braces
  • Combined with trainer exercises
  • Non-invasive

Is Myobrace Right For My Child?

One of the big benefits of Myobrace is that you can start early with your kids’ treatment by addressing poor oral habits that may cause crooked teeth. As a no-braces approach to straightening teeth and jaws, the goal of the Myobrace system is to focus on proper tongue position, swallowing, breathing through the nose, and lip posture.

To determine if your child is a good candidate for Myobrace, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Pandya at Chestermere Dental Smiles. Our consultations include a comprehensive examination to help further your understanding on how and why your child may benefit from treatment.

What Can You Expect With Myobrace?

If you and your child undergo treatment using Myobrace, we will take custom measurements of your child’s mouth to order a custom appliance that will fit the mold of your child’s teeth. This appliance will be worn for 1-2 hours during the day-time, and all throughout the night. The appliance will address an array of dental and oral-related problems such as crowding, crookedness, and breathing issues. With the help of Myobrace, further orthodontic treatment may be prevented or decreased further down the line.

For any additional questions or concerns, please call our office at (403) 235-2282.