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Children’s Dentistry

While going to the dentist can cause anxiety for adults, it’s often even less fun for kids. We understand that the noises and smells and the new experiences can be scary, and that’s why we strive to make our dental practice kid friendly! Good oral hygiene starts in childhood, so we endeavor to make all of our young clients feel important and welcome.

A Toy Box For The Kids

We understand that kids often make parents run late and that the responsible, hardworking Chestermere families often overcompensate to make sure they’re punctual. This means kids might have to wait ten, twenty minutes or more before their appointment begins. Waiting is tough on kids, so we provide these honoured clients with a big box of toys. We hope that these toys will keep our child-clients entertained and happy until it’s time for their appointment.

Show And Tell

Over the years, we’ve realized that much of the anxiety kids experience at the dentist comes from not understanding what’s going on. In order to make your child feel more comfortable, our dentist is happy to take the time to introduce your child to each of the tools he uses, how they work, and what they do. We’re also happy to answer any of the questions you or your child may have. That way, your child will understand what’s happening and be able to feel more comfortable with our hygienists and dentist.

Encouraging Good Habits Early

Our office puts a special focus on education for both parents and kids. We want parents to know how to best help their children care for their teeth, and we strive to help kids understand why oral health is so important. This is because good oral health — including brushing twice a day and flossing at night — helps kids to avoid cavities and keep their gums healthy. When oral health is taught early and kids learn to take good care of their teeth, they’re far less likely to develop cavities and other painful problems, and that means they’ll be less likely to fear to come to the dentist and will experience less anxiety as adults.

We understand that having kid-friendly dentistry is crucial for Calgary families. It’s important to us that kids and parents feel welcome at our dental office. If your child experiences high levels of anxiety, we recommend considering conscious relaxant. It is a safe and effective tool that helps kids relax and feel more comfortable. Have any questions about how our practice can best accommodate your family? We’d be happy to talk with you! Call us today at (403) 235-2282