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What to Look for in a Dentist in Chestermere

Are you currently looking for a new dentist? There are quite a few dentists working in the Chestermere area, so it’s worth taking your time and considering your options. You can browse dentists’ websites, call their offices, and even visit in person to see which dental office is the best fit for you. But what, exactly, should you be looking for in a dentist in Chestermere? Here are some key qualities and services you’ll want to see.

A Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

Going to the dentist can make a lot of people feel nervous. But a nice, comfortable waiting room and friendly staff can help all of those worries melt away. This is one reason why it’s nice to visit a dental office in person when you’re considering becoming a patient. You can then take a look around, spend a little time in the waiting area, and
make sure the general vibe is pleasant.

How do the other patients look? Do they seem relaxed? Are the office staff making sure they are comfortable? You may not think these things are that important if you’re just scheduling a cleaning or a basic filling. But one day, when you need a more extensive procedure like a root canal, you’ll be glad you chose a dentist with a comfortable, welcoming waiting room and attentive staff.

Appointment Availability

Some dental problems can’t wait very long. For example, you might have a toothache that causes you pain and keeps you from eating. You don’t want to have to wait two weeks to see the dentist. Or, you may have signs of gum disease that you don’t want to get worse, making a prompt appointment important.

Dentists who offer same-day appointments make things so much easier. You may not get a same-day appointment for something basic like a cleaning, but if you need urgent attention, they will find a way to fit you in.

A Variety of Services

The more services a dental practice offers, the better. It’s hard to know, right now, what dental services you will need in the future. You may have an accident, lose a tooth, and require an implant. Or, you may develop TMJ pain and require a mouth guard to be made for you. All dentists offer basic cleaning, checkups, fillings, and crowns, but if you can find a Chestermere dentist who offers some of the following services as well, you’ll be in exceptional hands.

Cosmetic Dentistry

From whitening teeth to providing veneers, cosmetic dental procedures are becoming more common. As you age, you may find that your teeth are making you feel self-conscious. A cosmetic dental procedure can help restore your confidence. So, it is nice to hire a dentist who offers these services.


Dental implants are the premier tooth replacement option these days. An implant consists of a screw-like apparatus that inserts into your jaw bone, along with a crown that is visible over the gumline. Since dental implants do need to be surgically placed in your mouth, not all dentists offer them.

You might hope you never lose a tooth, but the reality is, people lose teeth quite often, especially as they age. When you do lose a tooth, you’ll be glad you have a dentist who can replace it with the latest technology.

Root Canals

Most dentists perform root canals, but some are more experienced in this skill than others. If you can find a dentist who has more experience performing root canals, they’re likely a good choice. Otherwise, if you need a more complicated root canal, your dentist may have to refer you to an endodontic specialist.

Sedation Dentistry

It’s rare for a patient to have to be put under anesthesia for dental work. But it is common for people to benefit from sedation. This can be used for more intensive procedures like extracting impacted teeth. Or, if you are someone who has a phobia of the dentist, you might want sedation even for more everyday procedures like getting a crown. It is nice to know that it’s an option. Most dentists these days do offer sedation, but it’s worth checking when you are considering your options.

Evening and Weekend Hours

If you work a typical 9 – 5 job, you may have trouble making it to a dental appointment during the day. So, it’s a good idea to look for a dentist who offers some evening and weekend hours. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing work to have your teeth looked at.

This is especially important to look for if you plan on taking your children to this dentist. Taking them out of school for a dental appointment can be a hassle, and choosing a dentist who offers at least some evening and weekend hours frees up more possibilities.

Community Involvement

Is the dental office you’re considering involved and active in the local community? This is a sign that the dentist is proud of their work and the people they work for. Look for a dental office that collaborates with other local businesses, gets involved with local public events, and has staff who are involved and engaged.


Patients often feel far more comfortable with dental care when the dentist takes time to explain what is going on, educate them on their options, and answer any questions. A dentist who advertises that they take this educational approach is often a good choice. Explore the resources on the dentist’s website, and don’t hesitate to call and ask their staff a few questions. If they are happy to explain things to you, that’s a very good sign.

Education is also important when it comes to preventative care. A dentist should be happy to explain how you can take better care of your teeth, as that will prevent you from suffering bigger dental problems in the future.

Insurance Compatibility

Finally, if you have insurance, you want to make sure the dentist you choose accepts your insurance plan. The easiest way to find out is simply to call the dental office, tell them what plan you have, and ask if they accept it. Your insurer can also give you a list of dentists in your area who take your insurance.

If you do not have dental insurance, it’s still worth exploring which insurance providers a certain dentist accepts. This way, if you do obtain insurance in the future, you will know whether or not the work will be covered. You are better off choosing a dentist who works with multiple insurance companies than one who only works with a single insurer,
since this gives you more flexibility.

When searching for a new dentist, make sure you take your time and ask plenty of questions. Keep the qualities and services above in the front of your mind as you explore your options. Before long, you’re sure to find a dentist who will provide the individualized care you deserve. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our practice
and our services.

Dr. Pandya

Dr. Pandya

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