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How Consuming Alcohol Can Affect Your Smile And Oral Health

Man with Damaged teeth drinking alcohol

While having a drink once in a while isn’t going to cause any great harm to your teeth, regular use can be a serious concern for your oral health. One of the most important things to remember about alcohol is that it requires sugar to ferment to make, and there’s almost always residual sugar left behind. In cases where sugar is almost absent, you’re usually drinking a strong spirit. Worse than residual sugar, the alcohol in these beverages is a strong solvent, which can damage your teeth as well. Ready to learn more about how alcohol can be damaging to your teeth? Keep reading.

Oral Cancer And Alcohol Consumption Are Closely Tied

Debunking Myths About Alcohol and Dental Health

There’s a substantial amount of misinformation out there about alcohol use and oral health. Whether through wishful thinking or just due to a lack of education on the subject, the following myths are commonly repeated.

  • Alcoholic Drinks Are Hydrating – Absolutely false. Alcohol can lead to being dehydrated and dry mouth. As saliva is vital in protecting your teeth, this can lead to serious problems with cavities.
  • Beer Doesn’t Stain Your Teeth – There isn’t a lick of truth to this one. In addition to containing alcohol, beer is also acidic. The acid can weaken your enamel, allowing the staining agents found in darker beers to penetrate your dental surface.
  • Citrus In Alcohol Is Better For You – Quite the contrary, the acid found in most citrus fruits is enough to damage your enamel. Combined with the sugar and alcohol in your beverage, you’re only making the situation worse.
  • Oral Health and Alcohol Use Aren’t Connected – Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the leading risk factors associated with oral cancer is excessive alcohol consumption. It doesn’t help that alcohol dependency is also associated with increased plaque levels and higher rates of tooth loss.
  • Drinking Alcohol Helps You Avoid Cavities – As if this hadn’t been made clear enough in the previous points, this is completely wrong. The appearance of cavities in those who consume alcohol regularly is actually higher than that of those who avoid it.

The facts of alcohol and dental health are unavoidable. If you overindulge and don’t take proper care of your teeth when drinking, you’re going to wind up experiencing serious repercussions. Overindulging, in particular, can be a risk, especially when vomiting is involved.

The Acid In A Single Lemon Squeeze Can Damage Enamel

Schedule Your Next Visit For Great Dental Health

Whether you’re a teetotaler or enjoy tippling, the most important thing you can do for your oral health is to have regular appointments with your dentist. These visits will monitor your changing oral health and allow your practitioner to provide you with advice and guidance on maintaining your lifestyle while protecting your teeth from decay.

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