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An Exploration of Dental Impressions And How They Changed Dentistry

Model rendered from a digital impression

Since the introduction of implants, bridges, and crowns, there has been the need for a dental impression to be taken to match the new restoration to your existing teeth. This process was generally unpleasant, using a messy, unpleasant-tasting goop that was held in a dental tray and placed over your teeth. For some patients, this wasn’t merely uncomfortable and poor tasting, but it could trigger a gag reflex that made them difficult to complete. The introduction of digital impressions has changed all of this and put an end to the reign of goop.

An Exploration of Digital Impressions And How They Changed Dentistry

Digital impressions make use of digital imaging technology to produce a nearly perfect representation of the interior of your mouth. This is achieved through the application of a special wand that is moved around on the interior of your mouth, taking a large number of small images. Using special software, these images are stitched together to produce a precise map of your mouth in a 3D format. Not only do digital impressions eliminate the need for messy and uncomfortable trays filled with goop, but they also produce results that are far superior to physical impressions. The other benefits of digital impressions include:

  • Comfort: As already mentioned, there’s a significant improvement in the comfort level of the procedure. This is particularly relevant for those who had a gag reflex that was triggered by the tray and gel combo of physical impressions.
  • Quality: Due to the unerringly precise nature of digital impressions, there are fewer inaccuracies that result from building an impression this way. More precise imaging means more precise restorations such as crowns, appliances, and bridges. Dental implants, in particular, benefit from this process, especially when combined with digital x-rays.
  • Cost-Effective: The price of a digital impression is in line with that of a physical impression, resulting in no change in price in exchange for a greatly improved experience and results.
  • Convenience: Previously, when you needed your imaging transferred to a new provider, such as the lab making your restoration, you needed physical films. This meant using a postal service or physically carrying them to the new location. These films could be lost or damaged, requiring new images to be taken. Digital imaging is stored in a digital format, able to be transferred instantly over the internet. Further, there’s no physical copy to be lost.

These are just a few examples of the ways that receiving digital impressions benefits you and your provider. The convenience and comfort of the process combined with the ease of transportability and security utterly change the nature of modern dental impressions.

Are You Ready To Get Your Dental Impressions Taken?

If you’re preparing for a restoration procedure, be sure to ask your dentist about digital imaging. You can schedule an exam and consultation with us and get started on your way to a beautifully restored smile using dental imaging in no time. You’ll never have to face the discomfort or messiness of undergoing a physical impression again!

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